Reduced Royalty Peaks

Royalty to the peaks in the Hindukush is periodically being reduced considerably ,This is now an excellent opportunity to do mountaineering at lower costs in the Hindukush region. Check with us for latest discounted peak Royalties and avail cheaper expedition costs.

Attractative peaks with "Discounted Royalty Fee" can be picked from the following:

  • In the Tirich Group you can choose 50 peaks between 7708 m & 6001 m.
  • In the Noshaq group you can choose 5 peaks between 7492m to 7250m range.
  • In the Istor Nal group you can choose 18 peaks between 7403m and 6050m range.
  • In the Saraghrar group you can choose 27 peaks between 7349m to 6120m range.
  • In Buni Zom & Lower Hindu Raj you can choose 10 peaks between 6522m and lower.
  • In the Thui Hindu Raj group you can choose 18 peaks between 6872m and lower.
  • In the Chiantar Boroghil group you can choose 10 peaks between 6416m and below.
  • In the Shah Junali group you can choose 6 peaks between 6535m and below.
  • In the Atrak group you can choose 12 peaks between 7125m and below.
  • In the Ziwar Uzhnu area you can choose 11 peaks between 7020m and below.

Besides the above reduced Royalty peaks we can give you many other climbing option in different regions of Baltistan & Hunza , regular Peak Royalties for which are charged by government. We will be glad to assist in your expeditions to our popular climbing peaks like :

Expeditions to 8000m Peaks
K-2 Chogori 8,611
Nanga Parbat 8,125
Gasherbrum 1 8,068
Broad Peak 8,047
Gasherbrum II 8,035

Expeditions to 7000m to 7900m peaks
K-2 Gasherbrum No. III 7,952
Gasherbrum No.IV 7,925
Distaghil Sar Main I 7,885
Kunyang Chish/M 7,852
Masherbrum 7,821
Rakaposhi 7,788
Batura 7,785
Kanjut Sar No. I 7,760
Tirich Mir (Main) 7,708
Tirich Mir (East) 7,692
Chogolisa No. I 7,665
Yukshin Garden Sar 7,641
Shispare 7,611
Skyang Kangri 7,544
Yakshin Gardan 7,530
Tirich Mir (West I) 7,487
Pasu Massive 7,478
Muchu Chhish 7,453
Malubiting (W)- n 7,453
Pumari Chhish 7,440
Yazghil Dome 7,440
Sia Kangri 7,422
Haramosh 7,409
Istro-Nal. (Main) 7,403
Ultar Sar No. I 7,388
Istro-Nal (North I) 7,373
Skil Brum 7,360
Skyang Kangri 7,357
Karun Kuh 7,350
Saragharar (Main) 7,349
Skyang Kangri W 7,345
Momhil Sar 7,343
Baltoro Kangri I 7,312
Saragharar (S) 7,307
Istro-Nal (South) 7,303
Urdok No. I 7,300
Malubiting (NW) 7,300
Yazghil Domes N 7,300
Baintha Brakk/Ogre 7,285
Golden Throne SE 7,275
Diran /Minapin 7,273
Mustagh Tower (E) 7,273
Latok 7,145
Kampir Dior 7,143
Shakawar 7,125
Koh-I-Nadir Shah 7,116
Udren Zom 7,108
Kunyang Chish (N) 7,108
Langar (Main) 7,100
Ghenta 7,100
Lupghar III Central 7,100
Yakshin Gardaan I 7,100
Chogolisa Kangri I 7,071
Langar (SE) 7,061
Pyramid Thyor 7,058
Spantik/GChish 7,027
Akher Chioh 7,020
Sangemar Mar 7,000