The hunzakuts live in the valley of Hunza that slices the Karakorum from north to south. Here is some of the most spectacular scenery on earth great peaks rising on both side of the valley at places so precipitous that in places the suns rays never plumb in depths. For most of its course the Hunza river flows through a world of almost lunar desolation till above Gilgit one comes to an isolated intensely cultivated oasis the Shangri la called Hunza. Here lives the densely populated community of Hunzakuts cut of from the world .

The Hunzakuts consists of two quite separate races, the Brusho and Wakhi. The Brusho are an enigma. Nobody knows where they come from, although some ethnologists claim they are descendants of the troops of Alexander the Great. In support of this theory they point out that the Brusho language is completely unrelated to any neighbouring tongue and their irrigation channels are made exactly the same way as in Macedonia and Thrace. Whatever the origin of these hill men they are certainly a race who have lived apart, secluded in their remote and inaccessible valley which they have converted into a oasis of lush green fields lined with popular and orchards of apricot , apple and peach . The Hunzakuts are good skilful craftsmen and their carvings are interesting with extensive design of flowers and geometrical figures . The Brusho are hospitable, courteous, polite , law abiding and resistant to change and have a reputation for longevity.