Is it safe to travel to Pakistan?

I put this question to two British girls walking down Chitral’s main bazaar at 12 midnight when all shops were closed and hardly a soul there, pat came the reply “ where else in the world could two young girls stroll safely like this … .

Yes, Pakistan in general and Chitral and Northern areas in particular are safe to travel too and an enjoyable experience. This is best judged from travelers first hand opinion ( see Hindukush Trails client comments ) . Both individuals and groups to different regions of Pakistan be it Hunza, Skardu, Chitral, Peshawar, Lahore or Karachi find it safe and fascinating. Besides visitors on holidays there are hundreds of foreigners working in multinational companies staying in remote regions of Pakistan year round. Diplomats travel around in red labeled cars easily identified but no where do you hear of any incident on these foreigners…not one such case. Considering Pakistan’s large population of 165, 803, 560 million people, our country has a low crime rate

Yes, an odd incident might happen like it happens everywhere else in the world, this the media loves to highlights because sensational journalism sells. Your best judge is to take feed back from visitors to our country.

Tourists are advised to use the services of registered and reputed travel and trekking companies only. By using the services of government registered service providers, you will be ensuring the most comfortable and reliable holiday possible.

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