Horse and Cattle Shows

From February till March horse & cattle shows are held in different agricultural centers of Pakistan. The famous ones being at remount stadium Sahiwal horse show , Dera Ismail Khan horse and cattle show, Sibi mela and Lahore. Such shows are held to provide an opportunity to breeders to exhibit their stock and ex- change views and learn about cattle and horse breeding.

The National horse and cattle show in Lahore is held at the Fortress Stadium usually in end feburary early march. The festival features livestock from all over Pakistan, as well as folk dancing , camels and horse dancing displays, traditional music, Military pipe bands give a colourfull display,. There is tent-pegging competitions between different regions, games and handicraft exhibitions are held.

Dates of these festivals are not fixed and need to be coordinated with us.

We organize package tours to all festivals in different regions of Pakistan.

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