Sibi Festival

Since the 15th century the tribes in Baluchistan annually met at Sibi to discuss their internal feuds. This meeting to decide the fate is know as Jirga. The tradition continued till the 17th century when large caravanserai were built to accommodate the tribal chiefs and their colourful entourage . During the British empire in 1876 Sir Robert Sandeman was appointed agent to the governor general in Baluchistan and in 1893 the Durand line between British India and Afghanistan was fixed. To avoid the bloody feuds amongst the warring tribes Sandeman encouraged the annual Jirga

The Jirga still takes place today as the Sibi Mela to promote an annual gathering of tribes to exchange views and develop camel , horse and cattle breeding in the area besides promoting handicrafts. The festival lasts for almost a week in mid-February and marks the beginning of spring, with tournaments, exhibitions, and trading . Thousands of the best camels from the deserts, horses and cattle from villages are brought to the show and tended by colourful tribal people. The fair attracts Balouch tribal elders besides important figures from all over Pakistan, as well as tribesmen from the surrounding areas, and is an excellent place to shop for local Baluchi handicrafts.

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