What is the local currency, regulations and banking facilities?

Pakistan's unit of currency is the Pakistani Rupee. Currency notes are in denominations of Rupee 5000, 1000, 500, 100, 50 & 10.

It is not necessary to purchase Pakistani currency before you travel and there are no restrictions on import of any foreign currency in any quantity into Pakistan. Money can be changed at a reasonable rate at your hotel or nearby authorized money changer. Since you will be changing the majority of your spending money into local currency on the first day of arrival we recommend taking this in cash. US Dollars, Euro, Sterling and other currencies are readily exchanged in Pakistan. Credit cards can be used to purchase many goods in cities and are particularly useful for more expensive items such as carpets. ATM cards are in use and it is possible to withdraw cash (rupees only) from cash machines in main cities and towns.

Banking Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 0900 1330 Hours
Friday & Saturday: 0900 1230 Hours

The authorized money changers remain open from 0900 to 1700 Hours (Monday to Saturday) but are closed on Sunday

At the time of departure from Pakistan you can reconvert any un-spent balance of Pakistani rupees into the currency you want from banks or money changers. This service is available at exit points too.

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